IT-Serviceportal (Jira Service Desk)

The IT-Serviceportal is available for all requests regarding IT services of Information Management:

  • Create neu requests,
  • search in the IM Knowledge Base and
  • benefit from the simplicity of the new forms.

Requests via the IT-Serviceportal reach the responsible employees of Information Management directly and are visible to you at a glance, including the communication history and current status. 

Make a request

via IT-Serviceportal

After login you will get the following view:

Here is a completed example form "Account Problem": 

via email

Emails to are automatically processed by our system. No automatic reply is sent.

You are welcome to add comments to an already sent request directly in the IT-Serviceportal.

External persons without a JKU account can only send requests by email to

In the case of a request by email, the customer does not receive an automated confirmation email. If you have sent your request from your personal JKU email address, your request will also be visible in the IT-Serviceportal (under "Requests" and "My Requests").

View your own requests

After login you will find at the top right the item "Requests". Here you will find your current and previous requests under "My requests".


You can use the filters to set various search criteria and thus adjust the view of your request.

Log out

You can log out of the IT-Serviceportal by clicking "Log out" in the upper right corner of the profile picture.

Search in the IM Knowledge Base

Via the IT-Serviceportal you can also browse the IM Knowledge Base using the search function in order to get help directly and quickly.

Example search for "wlan": 

If you do not find what you are looking for, create a new request.

Escalate request

To escalate a request, open the corresponding request in the IT-Serviceportal and click on "Escalate" on the right.

Then the following window opens, where you can optionally add a comment and then click on "Escalate" again.