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The information management team (or IM for short) is JKU’s central IT service provider and offers JKU’s staff, students and partners a variety of IT services.

Our services span from basic IT services such as network access, WiFi, email, file and printing services to complex applications for training and research. We operate and develop the KUSSS campus management system and provide high-performance computer infrastructure for research.

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Current information about the IT systems

Overview of IT systems

IT systemDescription


Kepler University Study Support System
MoodleMoodle is an open-source e-learning tool that complements KUSSS functions.
JKU websiteGeneral information about JKU
Account self serviceJKU Account/Password management
LibraryThe library is your literary specialist resource for studying and research.

IT-Services für Telearbeit

The following services are available to JKU staff outside the JKU campus network (without VPN):

JKU account

Your JKU account consists of your JKU username and JKU password. In order to use JKU's IT services, you'll need an active JKU account.


Printing and plotting services provided by the JKU.

Email & calendar

Information about email & calendar.

IT workplace

Everything about your IT workplace at the JKU.


The JKU provides software for employees and students alike.

IT systems

This section contains detailed information on the JKU IT systems. Various IT systems (e.g. eWork, Intrexx, ESS, SAP) are exclusively available to JKU employees logged in with their JKU account.

IT security

Information around the topic of IT security.

AV Systems

These pages contain information about  AV systems deployed in auditoriums.

Even though the technical infrastructure backing the AV systems is managed by IM, the day-to-day coordination is done by Veranstaltungsmanagment.

Network access

The JKU offers all students and staff Wi-Fi access as well as basic network services.


Information about server hosting, TLS/SSL certificates and scientific computing.


Devices - such as laptops, tablets, convertibles and more - can be purchased by members of the Austrian education system during the 4-week sales window at the beginning of each semester.


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Information Management service portal

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