IT services for teleworking

The following services are available to JKU staff outside the JKU campus network (without VPN):

IT systemLinkDescription
GroupWiseE-mail and calendar

* If the GroupWise archive is located on your home drive (= network drive), you need VPN access to the network drive (using the OES client) to enable GroupWise to access the archived e-mails.
JKU DriveNetwork drives (institute/home drive)
JKU Help JKU Help (Confluence)
eWorkHoliday application, sickness and health report, etc.
ESS (Employee Self-Services)Self services in the personnel area (business trip management, pay slip query)
IntrexxIntrexx applications (SOPs, newsletters, etc.)
TeamingTeaming spaces and functions

SAP GUI for HTML and Controlling Reports

for SAP system (PU1)

SAP system PU1 (cost center, internal order and third-party funds reports)
JKU Website (Backend)

Editing of the JKU TYPO3 website. An additional login on is necessary.

Cisco Jabber Softdialer

JKU communication tool with chat function, desk phone control (inside the JKU campus network)

* Activated for User with desk phone

Cisco Jabber Softphone

JKU communication tool with chat- and phone function

* Activation required, request via email to

Accessibility via VPN from outside the JKU

Services that are normally only available in the JKU Campus Network can be accessed via external network access (VPN).

SAP ERP and SAP HRSAP systems of human resources management

Electronic teaching administration system for processing teaching event applications up to approval

Note: This is not a complete list.

Landline telephony

It is recommended to redirect the landline telephone to the business / private mobile phone.

For this purpose, an additional 0 must be entered at the beginning of the telephone number when forwarding to an external telephone number.

To activate the redirection with "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Self Care Portal", please do the following: Open the URL page.

Login am IT-Standardarbeitsplatz & Netzlaufwerke

  1. Login via local user: For this purpose it is necessary to click on "Log in to computer only" in the login mask. Log in with your JKU account. If it is a rental device of the IM, use the local user "verleih". For this user no password is required for login.
  2. Establish a VPN connection. See instructions: external network access (VPN)
  3. Then right-click the OES icon on the taskbar and select OES-Login. Log in with your JKU account. Now the network drives should be available to you.

Alternatively you can access the network drives via