The JKU provides Groupwise as its mailing solution for its employees.

JKU e-mail account

All JKU staff - with the exception of temporary employees who are employed for less than a month and external staff (without a cooperation agreement with JKU) - automatically receive a JKU e-mail address on recruitment.

Based on a decision of the University's IT Strategy Group, GroupWise is the central mailing system at JKU.

Increase GroupWise mailbox size

In our IT-Serviceportal, you can conveniently use the GroupWise Mailbox Size form to increase the capacity of your own or a resource mailbox.


The GroupWise mail client-enables you to access your GroupWise mail account. You can retrieve all e-mails that you have received at your JKU e-mail address, as well as send e-mails from your JKU e-mail address. If you are using a standard IT workstation, the GroupWise mail client comes pre-installed. To login, use your JKU account credentials.

Users of non-standard workstations can obtain the client from You will find the client there as a normal setup file with our settings and also as a no-install variant for easy execution.

MacOS and Linux users use an alternative client.


Alternatively, you may access your GroupWise mail account online via the Internet. To use GroupWise WebAccess simply log in with your JKU account.

Users manual

Clicking "User Guide" in the Help menu of your GroupWise Client opens the current User Guide in your web browser.


As long as you have a valid JKU account, you will be able to access your GroupWise mail account.

Holiday calendar

Configuring GroupWise public holiday calendars (AUT, DE, USA, International)

Calendars displaying the national holidays in Austria, Germany and the United Sates are available for Groupwise.

These calendars can be easily added via the "Calendar > New Proxy Calendar" function.

In your folder structure, click on Calendar with the RIGHT Mouse button and select NEW PROXY CALENDAR ... from the context menu.

Enter the calendar name in the Name field, e.g: Feiertage_AUT:

Also available are:

  • Holidays_DE (Germany)
  • Holidays_ES (Spain)
  • Holidays_USA (United States)

Ticking the checkbox in front of the calendar to show it in your main calendar.

You can assign different colours to the individual calendars. To hide a calendar, simply un-tick the check-mark in front of it.

E-mail handling rules

The GroupWise Client Rules menu is accessed via Tools > Rules. To create a new rule, simply click on the "New ..." button.

To enables rules tick the box next to the rule and a checkmark will appear. Close the rule list via the "Close" button.

Using rules

JKU staff will receive these instructions after login.

Reply to sender

JKU staff will receive these instructions after login.

Configuring forwarding rules

JKU staff will receive these instructions after login.

SPAM E-Mails

JKU staff will receive these instructions after login.

User certificate

JKU staff will receive these instructions after login.

GroupWise resource mailbox

JKU staff will receive these instructions after login.

View settings

 Date headers

Starting with GroupWise 18, a new view is available that categorizes e-mails in the inbox or subfolders by date headers.

This view is only available if the "Discourse sequences" function is deactivated under the " View" tab under " View settings".

  • These date headings are known to Micro Focus GroupWise under "Gruppenkennungen". 

To change back to the previous, usual view, proceed as follows: 

  • Click on the tab "View " and
  • "Displaysettings".
  • You will see a blue check-mark next to "Show group labels". When you click "Show Group Identifiers", the date headers structure is no longer displayed.

These settings can be configured separately for each folder. As example you can deactivate the group identifiers in the inbox, but use them in a subfolder.

Transfer ownership of folders

The ownership of folders in the filing cabinet can be transferred to the GroupWise Client. This may be of use when someone leaves JKU.

  1. Check who is currently the owner of the folder. Right-click on the folder and select "Properties".

  2. If the folder has not yet been shared with the desired person/resource, the owner must do so first. To do so, right-click on the folder > Sharing

  3. If the share has been confirmed by the appropriate person/resource, the owner may transfer ownership. Right click on the folder, select "Properties" and "Transfer ownership".

  4. The new owner has to "Confirm ownership" to take ownership.

Please be aware of the mailbox size. For example, with a 2 GB mailbox it is not possible to take over 20 GB of shares as owner..

Problems with GroupWise

If you have a problem with GroupWise, please contact us via the IT-Serviceportal: Email & calendar