eduroam account

How to create a separate eduroam password to protect your personal data.

eduroam Password

Staff and students

The password is your eduroam password, to be set in the Account Self Service Portal under the option "My Account".

Why do I have to create a separate eduroam password?

Should your password ever be compromised due to security vulnerabilities on the devices, a separate eduroam password will only allow access to the wireless LAN and no further logins to JKU IT systems with your data. It is therefore necessary to set a separate eduroam password to activate your eduroam account and use eduroam.


Setting your eduroam Password

  • Log in to the JKU Account Self Service Portal at by clicking on the "Login" button. 

  • Please use your JKU account information to login (as for KUSSS, Moodle,...), not the eduroam account credentials.

  • Select “Edit Account”.

  • Click on "Generate eduroam password" to create a secure password for you and select "Update" to save it. You can view or reset this new password on this page if required.

Your eduroam account (JKU is active as soon as you set the password. All other services like KUSSS, Moodle, ... retain the currently set JKU Password.

The eduroam password will be automatically generated, it is not possible to use a password of your choice.

Setting up eduroam on your devices

For instructions on how to configure eduroam on your devices, see Campus Wi-Fi. Installation using the eduroam CAT ensures that the connection certificate is verified appropriately and that your password remains secure. It is recommended not to trust any other certificates without consulting the Service Desk.

What happens if the password is not set?

In this case, you cannot utilise eduroam. Your eduroam account requires a set eduroam password.

eduroam Username

Staff and students

Your eduroam username consists of your JKU Username (ak- or k-number) appended with , e. g.. or (Be aware that this is NOT a valid e-mail address!)

What potential problems could arise and how can they be resolved?

Authentication using the wrong password

After several attempts with an incorrect password, eduroam may suspend your account. This lockout will be removed automatically after 15 minutes, or when you update your eduroam password via In the event of your eduroam account being locked - due to incorrect configuration on your part or access attempts by third parties - you will receive an email notifying you of the lock.

Further information regarding the WLAN "eduroam" can be found in the section Campus Wireless LAN.

Error message "The account is not eligible for activation."

Please make sure that you first select "Login" and not "Activate account".