Online surveys with LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey is a tool for online surveys. You can use it to quickly and easily develop questionnaires and carry out online surveys. LimeSurvey is available to JKU staff and students on JKU servers free of charge. Private use is not possible.

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Access Public JKU LimeSurvey page with a list of publicly visible surveys Log-in page

You need a user account in order to use JKU LimeSurvey. To obtain one, please fill out the user request below. Ideally, scan the signed document and send it to

As soon as your account has been set up, we will send you a confirmation email. For the log-in, please use your JKU account (‘ak’ or ‘k’ should be lower case).

User request (including user conditions)

LimeSurvey services are available to JKU staff for the purpose of their tasks for JKU and JKU students for the purpose of their studies and for the duration of their degree programme.

The applicable conditions of use can be found as an attachment to the current user request. 

Short guide

 Short guide explaining how to create a survey.

1. Log in

Once we’ve granted you access, you can log in at as usual using your JKU account (‘ak’ or ‘k’ should be lower case).

2. Create survey

Button Umfrage erstellen

To create a new survey, click on ‘create survey’. You will be shown the page ‘create, import or copy a survey’. To create a survey, all you have to do is enter a title and then click on ‘save’ at the top right.

Explanations for various fields:

General settings
  • Administrator name: Here, you should enter the name of the main person responsible for the survey. This name will be given as the contact person in invitation emails.

  • Administrator email: Here, you should enter the email address for the main person responsible. This will be provided as the response address for all sent emails.

  • Email for returns: Any unsuccessful emails will be returned to this address.

  • Format:

                          • Question for question: Each question will be shown on a new page.

                          • Group for group: All questions under one group will be shown on one page.

                          • All on one page: All questions will be shown on a single page.

Text elements
  • Title: Title example: ‘Study on Conscious Shopping’.

  • Description: Description text example: ‘A study examining shopping behaviour in consumers in terms of ethical and health-related purchase motives’.

Presentation and navigation settings

Here, you can define how your survey will be presented later on. Go through this section in order and choose your desired options. You can also define and change these settings later.

3. Add question group

Click on ‘structure’ at the top left and then on ‘add question group’.

Each survey must contain at least one question group and question groups may not be empty for the survey preview or beginning of the survey.

4. Add question

For each question, click on the desired question group and then on ‘add new question to this group’.

  • Code: The question code serves to identify the question during the export/evaluation. Consider your question codes carefully. A clear code structure makes evaluation easier and helps to avoid incorrect interpretations.

  • Question: Enter your question here precisely. There is a help text field for explanations.

  • Type: LimeSurvey offers many question types with matching answer options. Choose the right type for your question under ‘general options’. Examples: yes/no, 5 point selection, matrix, short free text, multiple choice.

    Fragetyp wählen

In addition, conditions can be defined that manage the visibility of questions based on the answers provided. Click on the question and then on the ‘set conditions’ button at the top.

An overview of possible question types and many more tips can be found in the official LimeSurvey documentation at

5. Add answers

Click on the question to activate the ‘edit answer options’ button at the top, depending on the question type.

Each answer option comes with an answer code. This plays an important role in further data processing. The answer code may consist of letters and numbers. A lone zero is not permitted.

6. Test survey

You can test the survey at any time. Click on ‘survey preview’ at the top.

7. Activate survey

As soon as the survey is complete and has been tested, you can begin the survey by clicking on ‘activate this survey’. If the symbol isn’t visible in the survey bar, the survey cannot be activated in its current form or you are not under the ‘settings’ tab on the left-hand side.

Only activate the survey if you’re sure that no more changes will have to be made to the content.

Once the survey has been activated, no groups, questions or answers may be added or removed. If you need to do so, you must deactivate the survey using the ‘stop’ button Button Umfrage stoppen.

8. View results

Once answers have been entered, you can view, process, export and delete them. These actions are possible by clicking on ‘answers’ at the left under ‘settings’ > ‘survey menu’ or by clicking on the ‘answers’ button at the top.

Tips and tricks

 Survey ID (SID)

The SurveyID can be found in the link after a survey has been selected or in the survey’s title. Swapping these IDs within a URL is a quick way to swap between surveys.

 Importing surveys

Log into LimeSurvey and click on the ‘create survey’ button.

Now head to the ‘import’ tab, select the already exported file and click on ‘import survey’.


 Edit answer codes

Please do not change any answer codes for an active survey.

Any retroactive changes can lead to significant problems with any later exports and some data may be lost / not exported.

 Anonymous surveys

When you create an anonymous survey with a participant list, the setting that sends confirmation emails is still active. This can worry some participants and should therefore be deactivated.


 Survey groups

The new LimeSurvey also offers survey groups. This feature has been working well since the update in February of 2019. Survey groups created by you are only visible to you and can be deleted by you as long as no surveys have been allocated to them.

Backend LimeSurvey

 Importing survey participants

If you import survey participants from a CSV file, it’s important that the right encodingis allocated to the file. Otherwise, the system may simply show an error report.

 Start date

If you have set a start date for your survey, please note that this does not mean that the survey will go live on this date without active involvement from you.


 Service Desk

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