Moodle Exam Registration Tool

In order to prevent any performance bottlenecks, it is necessary to registrate all assessment relevant exams that are performed in Moodle.

This registration has to be done in the Moodle exam registration tool:

After logging in with your JKU account, you can see there directly in a calendar how many resources (participants) are still available at what time. You can enter new exams immediately and do not need any confirmation from us. In addition, you will be shown a list of all exams that you have reported via this system and you can edit, copy or delete the individual exams yourself.

General information on this topic can also be found on the page Submitting assignments to students.

  1. Open the Moodle exam registration tool in a modern web browser:
  2. Log in with your JKU account. (All JKU staff can report an exam and log into this system).
 Report exam
  1. Navigate to the desired calendar week using the arrows on the side or the drop-down menu at the top.
  2. In the calendar, the available resources are color-coded. You will find a legend after clicking on the i-symbol next to the heading "Kalender". Now mark the corresponding period. You will be shown in advance how many resources are actually available.
  3. Click the button "Neue Prüfung melden" below.
  4. Now enter the appropriate information and confirm that you have read the notes on assessment-related tests.
  5. After clicking on "Prüfung melden" you will receive a short confirmation at the bottom of the screen and a corresponding entry will be created below the calendar in the list of already reported exams. In this list, you will only see exams that you have created yourself in this tool.
 Edit exam
  1. If something has changed in an exam (e.g. the number of participants), click on the pencil icon next to the corresponding entry under the exams already reported..
  2. You can now make the desired changes and then click on "Speichern". In doing so, all parameters such as the available resources are checked again.
 Delete exam
  1. If you want to delete an exam, e.g. because it has been canceled, click the trash can icon next to the corresponding entry under the already reported exams.
  2. After confirmation, the exam is deleted and the resources are released.
 Copy exam
  1. If you want to report several exams with the same parameters (e.g. same time and number of participants), you can copy an existing exam by clicking on the copy icon..
  2. The form is now displayed with the same information as the original exam. Change the desired parameter (e.g. the date) and click on "Prüfung melden". This does not change the original exam. A new independent exam has been created.