Student-related Questions

How can I hide my Moodle course from students?

A Moodle course and authorization will be automatically created. As soon as courses are allocated, students will have access to the corresponding Moodle course.

If you would rather not have this, you can hide it from students during the time you are still working on the course syllabus, etc. In the Moodle course, go to "Administration" > "Course administration" > "Edit settings". Under "General" > "Course visibility" change "Show" to "Hide". Do not forget to change the setting back once you have finished drafting the course.

What happens with students who withdraw from a course via KUSSS?

Students not allocated to a course in KUSSS will also be released from the Moodle course after the next KUSSS synchronization. Students will no longer have access to the Moodle course. This is also the case if students withdraw from the course or if students are dropped from the course by the teacher.

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What happens to students who add the course at a later date?

During the next KUSSS synchronization process, these students will be enrolled in the Moodle course.

Can a student be manually removed from a Moodle course?

No. The prerequisite is that enrollment takes place via KUSSS synchronization and the student is registered in the course in KUSSS.

How can I give students who do not yet have a matriculation number access to my Moodle course?

Please do not enroll students in Moodle courses using their VK number.

It is best to use a "Guest access" as described in "How can I allow outside individuals access my moodle course?" point "Option 2: Open the course without active participation".

Can students stay anonymous in my course?

If you do not need / use groups in your course, then please make the following settings:

  1. Open your Moodle course.
  2. Click on "Edit settings" under "Course administration" on the left in the "Administration" block.
  3. Under "Groups" In the "Group Mode" item, set to "Separate Groups".

Due to this attitude, the students do not see the other participants in this course (as long as no groups are created and filled).

In the Moodle Docs is explained for what purposes groups could be useful.