Give assignments to students

There are two options - "Quiz" and "Task" - available on our learning platform, Moodle.

If you do not have a Moodle course for your class, please activate Moodle support in KUSSS.

Moodle Activity "Quiz" and graded exams

Preparation of graded exams

Inform us about graded exams

In order to prevent any performance bottlenecks, it is necessary to report all assessment relevant exams that are performed in Moodle. The report does not mean that technical support is available at this time.

  • Digital exam dates are to be registered via the Moodle exam registration tool ( Requested dates can only be entered if the maximum number of participants from all registered exams has not yet been reached. An adjustment of the registration is also necessary for any changes. 
  • The following Moodle instances are relevant: JKU Moodle, Exam Moodle and Lab Moodle.
  • Please adhere strictly to the examination times that you have entered in the Moodle exam registration tool.
  • From 350 participants and more, an additional binding registration for the exams must be made at KUSSS. Participant numbers have to be corrected in the Moodle exam registration tool.

Quiz structure of graded exams

For graded exams, use the following structure:

  1. Close the quiz/Time limit: The quiz has be open for at least 10 minutes longer than the actual quiz duration. Example:
    quiz settings
  2. If you plan to run individual tests one after the other, there should also be a 10-minute difference between closing the first test and opening the next test.
  3. Layout: Under "New Page", set to "Every question"
    Depending on which phase of the quiz creation you make the above-mentioned setting, make sure that even in the view under "Edit quiz" there is only one question per page.
  4. These four question types have been tested for exams:
    • Multiple Choice
    • True/False
    • Numerical
    • Essay
 Ungraded test quizzes

We suggest that you provide ungraded test quizzes for your students, which they can use to get familiar with how Moodle tests work. In order not to burden resources, a trial quiz should be open for at least one day.

Please forward this information to your students prior to the exams

  • Please do not log in into Moodle directly at the beginning of the test. Log in 10-15 minutes before the test starts.
  • If you have technical problems during the test, please be patient and only reload the page after 10-15 seconds.
  • A test in Moodle is not aborted if the internet connection is unstable. You can reload the page or close the browser and re-enter. The time will continue to run out. You can continue from where you left when Moodle automatically saved the test, or you clicked on "Next page".
  • Time schedule (short example): 8.20 - 9.00 a.m.: In the Moodle course "000.000, test course, test person, 0000S" click on the activity "x. Exam". You have 30 minutes until 9:00 am to answer the questions.

Moodle Activity "Assignment"

If students need to submit files online or write a longer text, you can use the "Assignment" activity in Moodle.