Moodle learning and examination platform

Teachers and students at JKU have access to the Moodle learning and examination platform. Moodle is an open source e-learning tool.

There are several Moodles available at the JKU. The majority of courses can be found at JKU

Please click on "Log in" in the upper right corner to log in.

Within Moodle courses you will find forums, working resources and learning activities such as wikis or the ability to submit homework online. 

The teacher will inform you whether a particular course is supported by Moodle. Moodle course content is only available to participants of the respective course.

Educational activities such as forums or chats allow you to get in touch with your colleagues and teachers, and provide the opportunity to exchange learning materials and discuss content. The educational activities in a Moodle course are created by the course instructor.

Information about the learning platform Moodle

Course interface

The content of the course is displayed in the middle of the screen, is structured according to different topics or weeks and can be viewed by simply clicking on them. Other learning activities such as forums, glossaries or wikis are also included in this section. 

The blocks on the left-hand side provide you with additional functions such as information about appointments or a forum search.


As Moodle grows, it is constantly improved and extended. In order to be able to provide you with the new features, an update of the Moodle platform is carried out twice a year (during the semester break) as scheduled. You will find a timely notification on every Moodle home page and on (only accessible from the campus network). In addition, security updates are carried out at short notice according to need and urgency.

Moodle Support

  • If you are a student and have any questions about course content, availability of courses/streams and assessments, please contact the course lecturer or the relevant institute. If you are MMJus student and you have problems with any streams, then we have a separate help page for you: Problems with streaming - MMJus.
  • If you need help using Moodle, please make a request to our support team in the IT service portal. Login with your JKU account. It is best to mention the corresponding course number, the semester and, depending on the request, please send a screenshot.