JKU Video Manager

The JKU Video Manager allows you to upload videos and share them with other users through a link once they have been processed (e.g. by e-mail or in Moodle with the resource "StreamURL").

Supported Video Formats

Only .mp4 files are supported.

  1. Open the JKU Video Manager in a web browser:   video.jku.at
  2. Log in using your JKU Account.
 Video Upload
  1. After successful login your assigned organizational unit will be automatically displayed.

  2. Click the button "UPLOAD FILE".

    Please make sure that there is no "&" in the file name.

  3. Drag and drop the selected file into the indiicated area.

  4. Start the upload by clicking the UPLOAD button.

  5. Your video will be uploaded to the server. The upload time depends on the size of the video and the speed of your internet connection.

  6. After the upload is complete you can upload another video to the same directory or close the window with "CLOSE".

    Your video is now available in the JKU Video Manager in the folder you selected and will be processed automatically by the JKU Video Manager in the background (visible in the "Jobs" tab). As long as the video is being processed the column "Complete" displays . The server generates lower quality videos.

  7. Once processing is finished, the " Complete " column switches to .
 Link zum Video
  1. Click the " URL " button next to the video.

  2. As long as the status under "Complete" is [ ] only the link to the original video can be retrieved.
    As soon as the status changes to you will be able to retrieve the link for resource "StreamURL" ("Link to insert into Moodle StreamURL") and the links to the individual resolutions. The link for Moodle contains the smaller resolutions and the corresponding version is delivered depending on the internet speed.

 Verzeichnis erstellen
  1. When logging in the organizational unit to which you are assigned (1) is opened automatically.
  2. You can create a new folder within the directory of your organizational unit by clicking the button "Create new directory" (2). Every user with access to the directory of your organizational unit will also have access to your newly created folder. However, the videos you upload are always visible only to yourself.
  3. Once created, switch to the newly created folder and proceed as described in the section "Video Upload".

The JKU Video Manager only displays videos that you have uploaded yourself.

After uploading, the video can be embedded in Moodle immediately, but the production of the additional quality profiles may take longer.

Data backup

Please make sure that you back up your videos (on the network drive or an external hard drive). The JKU Video Manager is for provision and is not a backup of the original videos.