JKU Conference Booking System

JKU Information Management provides a JKU-internal conference booking system to assist conference organisers with the registration procedure for conferences, workshops, meetings, symposia and similar. 

The JKU conference booking system is designed to be independent and accessible. You can choose between a landing page providing basic registration- and payment functionality or a more complex website featuring its own menu and subpages.

Necessary steps to receive a conference booking system:

In most cases three different JKU departments are involved.

  • Financial Accounting: processing payments
  • Event Management / room coordination: handling the reservation of hotel rooms (if desired)
  • Information Management / User Services: creating an conference-specific e-mail address
  • Information Management / Web and Media: setting up the conference booking system

In order to facilitate prompt and speedy processing of your request, it is advisable to collect all necessary data before meeting the individual departments. 

Following information may be additionally prepared in advance:

  • Decide which additional products you wish to offer. For example: conference pass, additional events, workshops, excursions, lunch, ...
  • Design a banner (1800 x 350 pixels) and logo (400 x 400 pixels) for your website
  • Fill in the address field of withdrawal_form.docx. This form will be uploaded in the section Terms and Conditions by IM. 

Setting up the conference booking system

To allow us to set up your conference booking system, please send the information listed above via the corresponding form on the IT service webpage.

Should have you any questions or issues needing clarification please contact us at servicedesk@jku.at.

Details of the registration form: 

  • Name of the event: Enter the full name of the event.
  • Short name: Please enter the event's short name. The short name will also be part of the conference URL (https://konferenzen.jku.at/kurzbezeichnung or https://conferences.jku.at/shortname).
  • Start of event: Enter the first day of the event.
  • End of event: Enter the last day of the event.
  • Type of website: Select between a basic booking system (registration and functionality) or an advanced system with content pages. 
  • Language: Choose the language of your page (English or German).
  • Organizer (institute or department): Name of the organizing institute or department.
  • Contact person: Name of the  of the main contact person for the event.
  • Contact (Imprint) phone number: Please enter the phone number in the format +43 732 2468. The phone number will be listed in the imprint section.
  • Contact (Imprint) telefax number: Please enter the phone number in the format +43 732 2468. The telefax number will be listed in the imprint section.
  • Conference E-Mail address: The address will be used to send confirmation mails to conference participants. 
    Please request your conference E-mail address via servicedesk@jku.at. We recommend to use the style shortname@jku.at. Please include the full name and JKU Username of the mailbox owner.
  • Link to further information (if available): Please enter the URL of the website with further information about the event here.
  • Payment method: Available options are "Credit Card / Pay Pal / EPS" and/or "Payment by invoice".
  • Internal order number: The internal order number can be requested via the eWork form "IA_Anforderung".
  • Accounts with editing rights: List the names (including JKU Username) of all persons you wish to allow to edit the conference booking system.

Link to the form:

New conference form